Sudafed With Pseudoephedrine Used For Nasal Decongestion No Longer Available.

Sudafed with pseudoephedrine

For years many people used Sudafed with Pseudoephedrine to get relief from nasal congestion, sinus problems, allergies, and stuffy noses due to colds. Over the past decade illegal drug makers discovered that you could make methamphetamine from ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. This is has forced drugstores and online retailers and the manufacturers to change the way they do business. Sudafed with Pseudoephedrine is no longer available to purchase online and is no longer on the shelves of drugstores. Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are decongestants that shrinks blood vessels in the nasal … [Read more...]

Ephedrine Plus 25mg

ephedrine plus

Ephedrine Plus delivers the highest quality ephedrine hcl in a 25mg dosage designed for temporary relief of asthma and shortness of breath symptoms.  Ephedrine has been used for centuries for its bronchial dilator properties.  Ephedrine Plus is legal to purchase though it is regulated so there are limits to how much you can buy per order and per month. Ephedrine Plus 25mg contains ephedrine hcl and Guaifenesin.  Guaifenesin is added to support the break up of mucus which supports greater opening of blocked and restricted airways.  With 25mg of ephedrine, Ephedrine Plus is the strongest … [Read more...]